Confident, independent and loyal, the Akita is a truly majestic dog breed. There are two types of Akita, which are the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. A large dog, the Akita is not a breed that’s recommended for first time dog owners. However, for experienced dog owners, the Akita is a fantastic breed.


The Japanese Akita, or the Akita Inu as they are also known, is the original breed. As the name suggests, the Japanese Akita originates from the Japanese Island of Honshu, which is in the Akita region. The American Akita was bred from the Japanese Akita. After World War II, US soldiers were impressed by the Japanese Akita, but wanted a dog that was slightly larger, and stockier than the Akita Inu. Americans chose to breed larger boned Akitas, which would eventualy culminate in the divergence of the American Akita.


- American

Unlike the Japanese Akita, the American Akita can be many colours, like white, brindle and pinto, and can feature a black mask. The Japanese...

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